Termite Treatment – Termite Tenting – Pest Control

Termite Tenting

When you have an especially big termite infestation, your pest management company may suggest termite tenting for the home. Termite tenting is generally used once the entire home, or at least most it is infested in the home or construction. The pest control firm will erect a huge tent around your home and then they’ll push out a termite killing gas into the home or framework. Much like any procedure which involves pesticides, termite tenting is frequently considered dangerous, unnecessary, and outlandishly expensive, nevertheless, if your house includes a bad termite issue, this can be the best choice for you. By fumigating the construction with termite killing gas, it’s a method to kill off the worker termites which are residing in the home and can permit you to begin management of a damaging scenario.termite treatment - termite control

What goes on when you select termite tenting for the structure? First, the framework is protected with a tarp or tent that’s sealed and protected. You will need to stay from the home, at the very least, two to three days, and be sure all foods are inside sealed in plastic bags that your pest control business can give you. They will discharge the termite killing gas in the structure to circulate it. Warning signs will undoubtedly be placed around your premises to keep out anyone outside the structure while the gas is circulating and eliminating the termites. On the next day of one’s termite tenting, the tarp will undoubtedly be taken out and the gas will be aired out from the home. On the 3rd day, your pest management company will verify that the gas is gone from the home through the use of unique instruments to gauge just how much if any gas is remaining. These instruments will determine if it’s safe to go back into your home.

Many people are cautious about termite tenting. It is safe once the house has already been cleared by the pest management company. The gas that’s used does not adhere to surfaces so that it won’t adhere to things such as dishes, countertops, and furnishings. Some people, however, elect to clean down all exposed areas for peace of mind, and that’s alright.

If you have termite tenting done to your house, it’ll kill all residing termites in the structure. You won’t, however, destroy the termite eggs that stay. However, when the termite eggs hatch, you will have no older termites to feed them, so they will die off rapidly. It is also essential to have the area under your home treated as well to destroy any subterranean termites which have adopted residence under your house. If you neglect this task of the procedure, you’ll risk re-infestation. Termite tenting for serious termite infestations could be a good method to eliminate your termites in a single fell swoop. Nevertheless, don’t neglect to formulate a follow-up plan together with your pest management company to avoid those pesky bugs from returning!

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Plumbing Services – Repair – Installation

Plumbing Services

If you are a homeowner, you probably understand the importance of finding a reliable plumbing service that can assist you with your clogged drains. People usually call plumbers because of blocked drains that back up in the bathtub or the kitchen sink and need immediate fixing, and some others try to unclog drains on their own before calling the plumber. It’s essential to understand that this is a problem that needs to be fixed correctly, which means you have to get in touch with plumbing services. Otherwise, it can cause even greater problems that may end up costing you a lot more money.residential plumber san antonio

How to Find Reliable Plumbing Services

When it comes to plumbing services it’s hard to decide which company will help you the most. You have to take into account several factors, such as:

Work ethic

Perhaps the easiest way to find different options for plumbing services is by accessing the internet. Certainly, a blind search may not refer you to the best option available, but you can use the web information to establish if they have a solid reputation. Moreover, another easy way to learn more about plumbing services is by asking your friends and neighbors since at times it’s better to trust companies that your friends already know that randomly choosing them on the web.

More About Plumbing Services
Almost every plumbing company provides full-service plumbing maintenance. For example, we can help you with:

Drain cleaning
General plumbing
Slab leaks
Water heaters
Water softeners
Reverse osmosis

Our Plumbing, Company offers residential and limited commercial services to all of the residents of the city. If you are looking for professional plumbers and technicians at an inexpensive price, our company is among the most excellent plumbing services. Moreover, we specialize in drain line cleaning, grease trap maintenance, and septic tank services, which comes in handy when working on new construction.

Plumbing Service Costs
As homeowners, you find plumbing issues to be stressful and sometimes very expensive. However, you aren’t always capable to fix plumbing problems on your own, and that’s the reason why you should consider reaching out to plumbing services. A variety of tools, supplies, and equipment are essential when it comes to unclogging drains or fixing leaky pipes; these are expensive tools that must be used properly in order to fix your plumbing problems. In the end, the fee that you will be charged when calling plumbing services is only a small amount when compared to the money plumbing companies invested in buying the right tools and hiring the best plumbers.

Moreover, plumbing services also have costs and these depend on the company, the nature of the job, and the travel time. For example, the average plumber hourly rates are between $ 17.00 up to $27.00 per hour. These prices might sound a little expensive but the truth is they’re very affordable when compared to many other plumbing services.

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Best Auto Insurance Quotes – Falcon Insurance Services

Best Auto Insurance Quotes – Find the Best Auto Insurance Quote

Get the best auto insurance quotes when you apply for them online. There are many reasons to search for your new car coverage policy over the Internet, but the main one is that you can get better quotes than if you try to get them another way. Working online gives you many advantages over working offline, and so it has a lot to offer the busy person who still wants to get the best deal possible on auto coverage.
car insurance san antonio

Why the Best Auto Insurance Quotes Come From the Web

There are many reasons why the best auto insurance quotes can be found online. First and foremost, many companies offer special deals to people who buy their coverage online. When you’re willing to work on the Internet, you can save the company money. They don’t have to pay to print your bill or for the postage to mail it, so you’re a good investment for them. Many auto coverage companies will pass this benefit on to you if you’re willing to work online, thus saving you some money.

In addition, looking for the best car insurance quotes online is fast. In fact, it’s probably faster than trying to get estimates on rates any other way. After all, data can travel very fast, almost instantly, over the Internet. This means that there’s less lag time in the process, so it goes quicker. Working online also means that neither you nor the company has to print anything out, which can also slow things down.

Doing your search for the best auto insurance quotes via the Internet is also more convenient. Because the Internet never shuts down, you can start your search anytime, day or night. This can be particularly useful if you have unusual working hours that might prevent you from making an in-person meeting during the regular business day, or if you’re too busy during regular working hours to meet with someone about top-rated auto insurance coverage. When you can perform your search from the comfort and privacy of your own home, everyone is happier.

Finding the best automobile insurance quotes for your needs via the Web is more convenient in other ways, too. Auto insurance companies usually need some fairly detailed information before they can generate a quote for you. They’ll probably want data on your driving history and details about your vehicle like its VIN and accident history. It can be hard to make sure you have everything you need for an in-person meeting, so it’s easier when you can work from home and access your files as you go.

Some people worry about trying to find the best auto insurance quotes via the web because they’re not comfortable there. However, the process is so simple that, after they’ve tried it, even these people often believe that the Internet is the best way to go when it comes to getting new auto insurance.

How to Find the Best Auto Insurance Quotes Online

To find the best auto insurance quotes, you can start with this website. It’s like a portal or a doorway, leading you to some of the best car coverage companies in your area. Most of the time, you can enter all of your data and get your quotes online, too, so you don’t have to meet with anyone if you don’t want to.

Be sure to compare quotes before you choose the one you want to buy. Get the best vehicle insurance quotes that you can from each company, then take the time to compare them to each other. After all, the only way you’ll find out which company will give you the lowest rates is to actually see what they would charge you. Many insurance companies claim to be the cheapest, but the numbers can tell a different story.

When you’re comparing estimates, it’s good to give yourself some time in an environment that’s peaceful and quiet. Look through your stack of estimates, making sure everything is accurate. Then, pull out the best auto insurance quotes from the pile. From that smaller pile, you’ll make your decision about which policy to choose. Base your decision on the cost of the policy, but consider, too, how you feel about working with each company. Pretty soon, the right one for you will be obvious.

If working online to find the best auto insurance quotes for your new policy appeals to you, give it a try today. All you need to get started is a computer and a solid internet connection. If you’re not comfortable working online by yourself, find someone to help you. You can ask a friend, a relative, or even a neighbor, and it won’t take too much of their time to help you out. All of your efforts will be worthwhile when you know you’re saving money every year on your auto coverage.

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Had An Accident With An Underinsured Motorists

Underinsured Motorists

You may think that drivers are legally required to have car insurance when they pass their annual car inspections before they hit the road, but that is not the case. In many states, uninsured or underinsured drivers are sharing the road with motorists who responsibly carry valid insurance.
According to a recent study by the Insurance Research Council, uninsured or underinsured drivers account for up to nearly 30% of all motorists on the road in some states. These drivers are a risk to everyone on the road because each time they drive, they could cause an accident and have no means of paying for the devastating damages that they could cause.car accident attorneys

In areas where driving is routine and necessary part of life for many people, guarding yourself in the event of a crash by adding uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage to your insurance policy becomes a necessity.

One way in which you can prevent getting stuck with a mountain of medical and property bills after a crash is to add uninsured motorist coverage to your insurance. This type of coverage, offered by many insurance companies, can provide huge benefits if you are the victim of a crash with an uninsured or underinsured motorist. Uninsured drivers may not be able to pay for the results of an accident, although a good Texas car accident lawyer can help you uncover their assets and other sources of income in court. However, it will be necessary to identify the driver in order to bring such a case. It is no wonder that uninsured drivers are more likely to be involved in hit-and-run accidents in which they leave the scene entirely after a crash because they know they can’t afford to pay.
Adding uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage to your insurance policy can help you with medical bills and repairing your vehicle if you are the victim of a crash with a driver who does not have insurance or whose insurance can’t be tracked down because of a hit-and-run. In hit-and-run accidents in which the driver at fault is never identified, it becomes impossible to bill their insurance for repairs and medical costs.

You can avoid getting stuck with huge costs or a mountain of debt by making sure you and everyone in your household are adequately covered in the event of such crashes. These types of insurance policies can also protect you if you or anyone in your family is the victim of a car crash as a pedestrian.
In the event of any type of car crash, it is wise to consult with a car accident attorney. In hit-and-run crashes, a Texas car accident attorney can often help track down the driver or exhaust all possible resources in the search, including interviewing witnesses and reviewing the police report.car crask lawyers

In the event of a car crash with an uninsured or underinsured motorist who has been identified, a car accident attorney is a powerful ally who can help you make sure that you will not be saddled with burdensome medical bills through no fault of your own.
In many of these types of crashes, the best offense is a good defense. Consider whether adding uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage to your policy is worth it to you and your family

Your Trial For A Traffic Ticket

Your Trial For A Traffic Ticket

After the room has been cleared out by weeding out the plea bargains and those people who decided to plead guilty, there won’t be many left. Now is when the real trials will begin. Often, the judge won’t even be present until this time. Once the actual trials are to begin, there will normally be a recess so that the officer(s) can be called and any equipment or evidence can be brought forth.

After this recess is over, if you haven’t already been given the standard speech… you’ll get it now. The speech usually includes some mention of the “fact” that the money you are fined doesn’t go to the courts or police. There will also likely be some mention of how “the system” is for promoting safety, not for making money or for other such reasons. Finally, the actual methods of trial will be discussed. The judge should explain the process of HOW the trial will be conducted. Which is…. Traffic Ticket Attorneys San Antonio

The prosecutor goes first and gets to call witnesses which you may cross-examine if you wish. (you do) Sometimes, there is a stipulation that you can only make cross-exam questions based upon the prosecutor’s questions. If this is the case, DO NOT cross-examine. Call the officer as a “hostile witness” later. If you are afraid you might want to ask more questions, ask to reserve the right to recall the witness later.

After you cross-examine (using the questions you have prepared – from lesson 6 and 7) the prosecution’s witnesses and evidence, the prosecution can re-examine.
You can cross-examine the re-questioning. NORMALLY, the re-examination and re-cross can ONLY be directed to questions brought up during the initial examination. ANY questions not originally asked can be objected to and should not be allowed.
After the prosecution calls the last witness (usually only one officer) the prosecution will “rest”
Once the prosecution “rests” they can NOT recall a witness (unless they reserve the right to do so)

At this point, the defense (lonely little you) is allowed to call witnesses (yourself or friends). Since you can’t really answer your own questions, most judges grant you a leeway to “explain” your case. DO NOT do this. If you make ANY kind of statement, the prosecutor can and will cross-examine. He will ask point-blank… “Are you guilty” You don’t want to lie, so don’t give him the chance to ask you such questions. If you don’t testify, he can’t cross-examine. Don’t answer questions he asks you unless he calls you to testify as a hostile witness or you have testified yourself. (see why you shouldn’t testify?)

By now, you have already won or lost. Don’t bother to give an “explanation”.
If you want to create a stir (or have to) call the officer as a hostile witness. Do this (only) IF you need to ask questions which you weren’t allowed to ask due to a stipulation against asking questions not based on the prosecutor’s questions.

After the defense (you) “rests” (which should be right after the defense, unless calling the police officer), the judge will take a recess (or not), issue a verdict (guilty or not), and assesses a fine….

After the verdict

So, you’ve held out… You didn’t plea… You didn’t cave in… You fought to the bitter end…

Now what?

If you won …

Thank the judge and the prosecutor. Walk up to them, if you can, and shake their hands. Be sincere. They did their jobs and did it well. They probably do have at least a passing concern for the well being of the citizens they serve. So, thank them and let them know you will try to be a safe and courteous driver. If you see them again, it doesn’t hurt to leave a good impression.

Then, while everyone (ie: the judge and prosecutor) can see, walk over, thank the officer, and shake his hand. Sure, you just tore him into confetti. Sure he hates you for being smug and for beating him. You aren’t thrilled to have been stopped in the first place. But, it is his job.

Let the officer know that while you still feel you weren’t wrong that you will try to be a better driver. Don’t be overly smug, but by the same tone, don’t be too passive either. YOU WON. HE LOST. Don’t do a victory dance in the courtroom, but don’t feel ashamed to have a confident glow about your victory. Let him know (via this “glow”) that you aren’t the average guy and that he will have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat you. YOU ARE THE PRO. He’s just another player. But, thank him all the same. You might never see that judge or prosecutor again… but that officer is still on the streets. He also has plenty of friends that can ticket you too. And this very officer might also be the one you depend on to keep you safe at night. Don’t forget it. He won’t.

After the judge issues the verdict and fine, ask if you can have a “directed sentence”. Many states (find out if your state does) have a Statute which allow a fine or penalty (like points) to be reduced or removed. This is a very powerful ability. If there is a specific code that states a fine can be reduced, removed or modified, quote the law. For example: “Your Honor, under (Your States) Statute section ( ___ ) an imposed fine can be revoked in whole or part or the method of payment can be modified.” “I wish to invoke such Statute and ask the Court’s mercy in assigning no points to my driving record and ask the fine to be directed to be paid to ( __ Charity ), a charity which supports ( __ )

What judge could refuse… if he does, the entire crowd (which just saw how unfairly you were treated) will look at this guy like he’s some kind of heartless demon. And he IS an elected official. By quoting the specific law, you give him an “outie”, a legal way to slap your hand (a charity write off), uphold the system, “punish the wicked”, keep the roads “safe”, and even look good himself (at election time). It should also impress the hell out of him that you even found this law and that you are able to make such a request. Judges like to see people who are informed, especially since they are used to dealing with “the dregs of society”.

If you want to keep fighting your ticket, you can file an appeal. Don’t thank anyone. Walk over to the clerk and ask for an appeals form. There will be a cost to file an appeal (more than the fine assessed probably… it’s a very well planned racket) and you will be informed of this. (several times, probably… they want your money… not a fight) Tell the clerk you are willing to pay to fight for proper justice. Most people will think you’re nuts (maybe true), but it will certainly show how much you believe your own innocence. It will also pi** that judge off, royally. You just insulted him by showing that you think he has bad judgment. (or is crooked) They tend to not like that. If you win the appeal, it goes against his record… HE REALLY HATES THAT. He isn’t wanting to sit in traffic court all his life. He is wanting to move on to something like Criminal Court, Civil Court, etc… The stuff that gets published (and a few get TV shows). After all, everyone’s heard of Judge Judy… most folks know who Judge Ito is (OJ trial)… but just a traffic judge… yeah, a real rating winner… (even Court TV doesn’t bother with traffic court.)

Misaligned Teeth, Get Braces From An Orthodontist!

Misaligned Teeth, Get Braces From An Orthodontist!

When you go to the orthodontist and find that you’ve got misaligned teeth, the next step, and the obvious one, is to fix your misalignment and restore your teeth to the glory they (and you) deserve. We’re a country and a culture that, in general, puts a lot of importance on the smile, and one of the big aspects of the smile is the way the teeth look, how straight they are, how well maintained they are, basically everything about the teeth. It’s only natural, then, that we spend so much time and money to fix them, and the smile, to be the best it possibly can be.orthodontics

It’s also, at least in part, an explanation for how many people have had some sort of realignment treatment over their lives. That number, today, has reached one in three, according to recent studies. That means that one out of every three people has had braces or something similar in order to realign their teeth over the course of their life, and that’s an impressive number, as well as an encouraging one. It means that we have the means, and they’re readily available to a large swath of the country, to realign teeth once they’ve gotten out of whack. For more infor look here: https://cochranorthodontics.com/

There are three common treatment methods that your local orthodontist is likely to use when you visit, and here they are, listed for your convenience, to give you an idea of what you face.

1. Orthodontic Headgear

If we imagined the three treatments as a family, this would be the crotchety old grandfather who can’t remember the last time anyone genuinely listened to what he had to say (I know, that’s sad, but it’s also fitting, as you’ll see in a moment). By and large, it’s an outdated technology, and time has passed it well by, as has orthodontistry, for the most part.

Today, the only people you’re going to see with orthodontic headgear are ones who not only have a problem with alignment, but with the teeth canting inward or outward. Thanks to the way that it creates pull and push, orthodontic headgear might be the best way to fix these problems, but, again, these problems are few and far between. For the most part, you’re not going to be seeing orthodontic headgear, but rather, you’ll see…

2. Standard Metal Braces

This is the most common treatment, and is basically the top dog of the market. Standard metal braces handily overtook their more venerated predecessor, orthodontic headgear, and claimed the market for itself, leaving only a slice of the action for the predecessor.

It’s a simple idea, and one that is far more discreet than orthodontic headgear. Braces are, basically, a series of metal brackets, mounted to the teeth with the use of a dental adhesive, Over the top of these brackets is run a long metal wire, which is wrapped around the brackets in order to help provide and direct the force that will realign the teeth. This is simple to install, simple to adjust, and most of all, it’s something that can be done anywhere in the world, from the most high-tech office in the United States to a tent in the middle of a desert. You can find braces in almost every country in the world, fixing the teeth and helping the people.

3. Invisalign Invisible Braces

This is the newest, most modern method of treating misaligned teeth, and is the trend that has been obvious in orthodontic appliances since their inception, a slow movement from conspicuous to discreet. Invisalign, as the name would lead you to suspect, is invisible, something that cannot be seen when it is in the mouth, and that’s part of its design. The aligners are made of a hard and clear plastic, allowing the natural color of the teeth to shine through them so that the teeth look natural, not ‘too white’ or like something too white has been placed on them. Invisalign is a great choice for hidden braces for teens or adults, because not only is it clear and hard to see, but it’s also form-fitted, guaranteeing increased comfort and, most importantly, that they won’t be rubbing against the gum line causing sores or lesions or forcing you to taste your own blood because of such things. More here @ https://cochranorthodontics.com/braces-vs-invisalign-better/

So, if you’re looking for a way to realign your teeth and perfect your smile, ask your local orthodontist what they have to recommend for you. You’ll be glad you did when you’ve got teeth you can show to the world with pride.

Residential Pest Control – Exterminators

Pest Control Pros San Antonio

Pest control will be necessary and important issues for most people who care for their place of business and their home garden. Pest control has become a serious issue all around the world that most people have to be conscious of. One time you permit weeds and pests take over your stunning and beautiful garden, it is not going to last long. What is more, there are several aspects when it comes to garden pest control which you’re also going to want to be conscious of. Find more information on the website of Jenkins Pest and Lawn San Antonio

Garden Guide for Homeowners

This article will provide you several pieces of information you may need to understand when it comes to pest control. The most disturbing garden pests will be weeds as they could take over your front lawn and your plant population. Therefore, it is quite essential to pay extra attention to the growth of weeds around your garden. You are supposed to take constant care of your stunning and beautiful garden from these decisive garden pests.garden pest control

People are realizing that watching over their garden and lawn is such a full time job, however they could make those activities become more fun and enjoyable to do. Setting a schedule is a great and wonderful idea, since you could prepare your gardening around the other tasks in your everyday life, and create it less of a daily chore. Red spider mites tend to consider as one of the biggest pest control difficulties, other than weeds. This is a pest control issue which you’re going to want to learn about since if you’re not conscious of dealing with the mites, they could tear your garden apart.

These red spider mites are generally known as members of the Tetranychidae Family, which means that they are more spiders and crabs rather than insects. They are so small that you will probably not notice them unless you look very closely. Therefore, if you have spider mites trouble; the best thing you could do is mist the plant consistently since they dislike humidity. This is also known as the best pest control exterminating.

Another essential pest control issue consists aphids. Aphids are generally known as the oval shaped insects with antennae and long legs. They generally have multi colors like pink, green, black, white and yellow, and brown. They generally live in little groups and colonies and often have white shells. These are also quite harmful if you let them multiply, hence you have to take pest control action in order to prevent their growth.san antonio pest control

Since garden pests have become quite serious issues for most people all around the world, you have to pay extra attention to prevent them from being multiplying in your garden and lawn. The most efficient way in eliminating those garden pests is taking pest control action. At the start, you have got to mist the plants consistently and if it is possible, you could swish the plants upside down in a weak solution of soapy water. After that, you will see that your plants are safe and keep away from any garden pests.

Pest Exterminators

Non-toxic bug control is becoming more popular with the growing interest in natural gardening. In fact, one of the most common concerns asked by new natural gardeners is on the best ways to get rid of pests without utilizing chemical pesticides.

As a result, you will discover lots of recipes for homemade natural pesticides on the Internet and in books.

Natural pesticides implies pesticides that organic gardeners are allowed to utilize for non-toxic insect control.

As a side note, the chemical definition of natural just means consisting of carbon and for that reason true natural pesticides are some of the most hazardous pesticides in the world and luckily, they are gradually being banned. In this article, natural pesticides implies those allowed in natural gardening. More on this website

Water Softeners Compared

Another Fleck product that uses meter regeneration, combined with the Fleck 5600SXT digital controller, and the 5600SXT valve, it gives the same great features the Fleck 5600 has, from user friendly LCD display, internal power backup, and touchpad controls. it can handle up to 16 GPM, it comes with 10-year warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee, and the tank comes with 5-year warranty.

Morton Salt Company Water Softener: Check The Price on Amazon

Morton Salt MDS34C has a lot of space, with compact design, equipped with the “Look Ahead” technology, that learns your water usage for the 34,000 grain demand Initiated regeneration, and it can handle 110 GPG. it has a 1-year warranty on parts, and 10-year warranty on tanks, and a good support for technical issues.water softener systems

Aquasana EQ-SS20 Water Softener: Check The Price on Amazon

Aquasana EQ-SS20 is an eco-friendly cheap and salt free water softening system, it has the PHOS conditioning technology system, it protects the plumbing fixtures from rustiness, and one of the best water softening systems out there.SLOW PHOS technology works by modifying the ions of the hard mineral carbonate crystals inside the hard water, by playing with their ions, hard minerals causing scale, will no longer pack together, which eliminates the hard water,EQ-SS20 salt-free water softener has 1-year limited warranty.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler: Check The Price on Amazon

Eddy is a cheap, affordable, eco-friendly, electronic based water softener, that uses magnetic waves to soften the water, which is a good solution for people on budget however, it is not as effective and powerful as salt based water softeners.It is easy to install, and it doesn’t need any maintenance at all, and best of all it is cheap compared with other softening solutions.

Best Water Softeners Comparison:
Name Grains Dimensions Type Price
Fleck 5600SXT 48000 10 x 0.1 x 54 Salt Based $$$$
Watts RV PRO-1000 10000 21 x 9.5 x 9 Salt Based $
Aquios FS-220 40000 27 x 10 x 8 Salt Free $$$
Nuvo DPMB 65000 8 x 8 x 29 Salt Free $$$$
WaterBoss 220 22000 18.8 x 14.8 x 25.8 Salt Based $$$$
Iron Pro 2 64000 12 D x 48H Salt Based $$$$
Morton Salt Company 34000 18.2 x 13.2 x 48 Salt Based $$$$
Aquasana EQ-SS20
50000 14 x 5 x 23 Salt Free $$
Eddy Electronic – 6.7 x 1.6 x 3.5 Magnetic System $

$ less than 200$
$$ less than 300$
$$$ less than 500$
$$$$ less than​ 600$

Types of Water Softener Systems:
Salt Based Systems:
This type of softening systems uses ions to exchange the hard water with soft water and the ions for the soft water are sodium (salt), and it considered to be the best softening system in the market without an opponent.

Salt-Free Systems:
This type of water softeners uses all kind of nanotechnology to play with hard water and decrease it hardness although it’s not as effective as salt based systems but it can work very well if your water is not extremely hard.

Magnetic Systems:
Inexpensive easy to install systems yet it is considered to be the least effective way of softening water, it uses magnetic wires to alter and play with the structure of the hard water to make it soft, if you have mid to low hard water then this solution might be for you.

Choosing the Best Water Softener:
Warranty and support:

One of the most important thing when choosing a water softener is the warranty, that comes with it, the longer the warranty is the better, and the hassle free it will be for you, some companies offer 10-year warranty, some offers 20-year, some offers a lifetime one, bottom line you should never forget about warranty.clean - fresh water

Portable Vs Standard:
If you need a portable solution to take with you, whenever you go then, portable (also known as RV water softeners), are the one you should choose. Portable water softeners can be taken whenever you go with you, they are, small, they are lite, and cheap, compared to standard water softeners.If you have an RV, or you are an RV full-timer, or you have a vacation boat, or you are workshop owner, then this solution is definitely for you.

Time Controlled Vs Volume Controlled:
Time controlled water softener regenerates in a pre-setup times, for example (every 1 or 2 days), which may regenerate before the resin is exhausted, which is wasteful, on the other hand, volume controlled water softeners regenerate the resins when they measure how much hard water is there, and they start the regeneration process once the resin beads are exhausted.

Electric or Non-Electric:
Electric water softeners are the most used one, they help to keep you on track of the water usage, which can be very helpful in the long run, true it’s more expensive than non-electric softeners which depend on the pressure of the water to operate the valves, but it’s totally worth the investment.

Single Vs Twin Tank:
Some people prefer to use single tank softeners some like to use twin one, but here are the differences between them:


Cheaper than twin
More expensive than single

Smaller and takes less space
Demands more space

Good efficiency
Higher efficiency with less salt consumption

Quality water softening
Even more quality water softening

Balcones Heights Names New Police Chief

The City of Balcones Heights has named a new police chief, city officials announced Monday.

After 35 years as a San Antonio police officer, Darrell Volz will be the new leader of the Balcones Height Police Department. He was selected from a group of 29 applicants, city officials said.

“Chief Volz is the right person to lead our team of talented professionals. He brings experience, training, sincerity, and honesty that the Police Department and community deserves,” said City Administrator David Harris.

Volz career covered all areas of crime including undercover operations and prison gangs, according to city officials.

“Chief Volz understands and shares the vision of City Leadership to not only make Balcones Heights a model place to live, work, and play, but knows the role that a model Police Department has in bringing that vision to reality,” said Harris.

Volz follows Lt. Joyce Pena, who had been serving as interim police chief. Former Police Chief Henry Dominguez was placed on leave in May 2014 before being fired in July.

Dominguez’s termination was based on the results of an internal investigation into the allegations he failed to take action when warned one of his officers may have had ties to the Mexican Mafia.

That officer, Julian Pesina, was murdered in early May as he left a tattoo shop he co-owned.

A swearing-in ceremony for Volz will be announced soon, officials said.

Mayweather, Pacquiao To Host Private Press Conference March 11

After announcing their May 2 mega fight, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will hold a private press conference March 11 in downtown Los Angeles, organizers announced Monday.

http://gty.im/171452200 A specific location for the press conference has yet to be determined.

The Los Angeles press conference, which is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. PT, will be the only press conference the two fighters hold.

Although closed to the public, it is expected many fans will show up to catch a glimpse of the two fighters in their first meeting since announcing the fight on February 20. Even members of the press will be limited, as reporters must apply for credentials to be admitted into the press conference.

Mayweather (47-0, 26 Kos) and Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 Kos) will meet to unify their welterweight world titles May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The telecast will be a joint pay-per-view distribution between Showtime and HBO.

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