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Termite Tenting

When you have an especially big termite infestation, your pest management company may suggest termite tenting for the home. Termite tenting is generally used once the entire home, or at least most it is infested in the home or construction. The pest control firm will erect a huge tent around your home and then they’ll push out a termite killing gas into the home or framework. Much like any procedure which involves pesticides, termite tenting is frequently considered dangerous, unnecessary, and outlandishly expensive, nevertheless, if your house includes a bad termite issue, this can be the best choice for you. By fumigating the construction with termite killing gas, it’s a method to kill off the worker termites which are residing in the home and can permit you to begin management of a damaging scenario.termite treatment - termite control

What goes on when you select termite tenting for the structure? First, the framework is protected with a tarp or tent that’s sealed and protected. You will need to stay from the home, at the very least, two to three days, and be sure all foods are inside sealed in plastic bags that your pest control business can give you. They will discharge the termite-killing gas in the structure to circulate it. Warning signs will undoubtedly be placed around your premises to keep out anyone outside the structure while the gas is circulating and eliminate the termites. On the next day of one’s termite tenting, the tarp will undoubtedly be taken out and the gas will be aired out from the home. On the 3rd day, your pest management company will verify that the gas is gone from the home through the use of unique instruments to gauge just how much if any gas is remaining. These instruments will determine if it’s safe to go back into your home.

Many people are cautious about termite tenting. It is safe once the house has already been cleared by the pest management company. The gas that’s used does not adhere to surfaces so that it won’t adhere to things such as dishes, countertops, and furnishings. Some people, however, elect to clean down all exposed areas for peace of mind, and that’s alright.

If you have termite tenting done to your house, it’ll kill all residing termites in the structure. You won’t, however, destroy the termite eggs that stay. However, when the termite eggs hatch, you will have no older termites to feed them, so they will die off rapidly. It is also essential to have the area under your home treated as well to destroy any subterranean termites which have adopted residence under your house. If you neglect this task of the procedure, you’ll risk re-infestation. Termite tenting for serious termite infestations could be a good method to eliminate your termites in a single fell swoop. Nevertheless, don’t neglect to formulate a follow-up plan together with your pest management company to avoid those pesky bugs from returning!

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